Welcome to Dreamboat's knowledgebase, where we are transforming Australia's economy by focusing on removing issues that limit productivity from Australia's productivity networks.

By doing this on a consistent basis with every worker and therefore element of the economy...

... we are creating continuous productivity improvement ...

...that should ultimately create economic growth and wage growth as some proportion of that productivity growth (as has always happened).

Our hope is that by scaling our initial results we can avoid economic disaster and:

  • Create a stable economy for the future
  • Give the economy a third leg to stand on other than the RBA and Government budgets
  • Enable productivity improvement across the country
  • Enable full employment
  • Ultimately enable exports of our new activities
FACT: We fully comprehend the people, technology and additional resources to achieve this mission.

In this knowledgebase you'll find more information about how & why we are doing this for people just like you, your team, your business and ultimately your country as well.

We hope that by reading and digesting some, if not all, of the information contained within you will see the future we are building for everyone and come on the journey with us.

Further to exploring yourself, if you have any questions you can contact us as you please here.

Yours Sincerely,

The Dreamboat Crew

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