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We are attempting to help Australia avoid the economic disaster it is heading for by creating annual wage growth of between 2% and 2.5% above CPI.

To do this in a viable manner our ultimate objective is to help each member of the workforce improve their productivity by an additional 10% above where there productivity would end up, if left alone. This is done by Dreamboat by providing a consistent & reliable force that helps them find new ways to do more with less over the course of a year.

This increase of over 10% would allow for a wages increase while not necessarily increasing the prices of the goods and services they provide.

     Some proportion of this increase will go to profits, reinvestment and also be sucked up by catching up prior to wage increases but 2-2.5% increase in wages isn't impossible.

Our hope is that by facilitating this change across the economy we can:

  • Create a stable economy for the future
  • Give the economy a third leg to stand on
  • Enable productivity improvement across the country
  • Enable full employment
  • Ultimately enable exports of our new activities

In this knowledgebase you'll find more information about how & why we are doing this for people just like you, your team, your business and ultimately your country as well.

We hope that by reading and digesting some, if not all, of the information contained within you will see the future we are building for everyone and come on the journey with us.

Further to exploring yourself, if you have any questions you can contact us as you please here.

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