Our plan is to map, monitor and optimise the productivity networks of Australia to help:

  • Individuals achieve more and earn more.
  • Businesses profit, grow and innovate.?
  •   Economies find non-debt based, per-capita GDP improvements and avoid endless downside risks.
    • Foster innovation and employment as result.

By focusing on upgrading the productivity networks of Australia we also:

Our principle objectives are as follows:

  • Ensure that we create & target a statistically significant productivity improvement delta of 10% p.a. across all networks, thereby ensuring productivity improvement above and beyond current 'economic progression of a typical individual'.
  • FACT: This exactness in productivity measurement 'delta' is not currently statistically reliable with our existing data to the standards we would like but in future versions & as our database continues to grow we anticipate it will be.
  • At present a straight 10% improvement target is being met on an annual basis, with an additional boost within the first 6 months at roughly 10% improvement within that period alone.
  • Enable some propotionality of wage and productivity growth across our users.
  • Create real wage growth above the CPI.

Enable total economic growth by:

  • Limiting productivity losses.
  • Collective optimisation that was previously thought impossible.
  • Individual assistance resulting in macroeconomic change.

Our minimum standard objectives are:

  • Help the people we work with to improve their productivity by any amount on a consistent basis.
  • Do less harm than good on a consistent basis.

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