Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic economic growth within Australia has been decaying for decades despite:

  • The best efforts of both sides of Government
  • The best efforts of the RBA
  • Significant increases in household debt &
  • Consistent population growth

Since 1988, trend growth had fallen from 3.706% to 2.02% in 2021 despite the best efforts and all the power of the RBA & all layers of Government.

Prior to COVID this trend was still from 3.428% to 2.6% in 2020.

Sadly, worse still, is the per capita GDP improvement trends as they are much closer approximation of the standard of living across the country.

This trend has fallen from around 2.54% around 1988 to only 0.712% around 2021 and is well on the way to heading backwards.
Current estimates put this growth rate reaching 0 in only 12 years in 2033.

Prior to COVID this the data at the time showed a trend from 2.454% to 0.833% in 2020.

Unquestionably this will bring pain to the country for a horrifically long time if not sufficiently addressed by all of us.

FACT: Negative growth is equivalent to a decrease in our standard of living, as GDP per capita is proportional to our standard of living.

With an increasingly aging population, household debt maxed out and interest rates at all but 0%, all the money currently being given to the market should be enough to turn it around but it isn't.

So a new direction is needed to avoid:

  • A decaying way of life if GDP per Capita falls
  • Retirement savings degrading for those retired people compounding decreasing spending
  • Terrible economic environments for younger generations
  • A catastrophic distrust in the value of money
  • Hyperinflation
  • Or worse, national weakness thanks to a crumbling, heavily indebted economies

N.B. Sadly this should be a complete doomsday scenario list but it is looking less and less crazy by the day for Australia given the current economic fundamentals.

Our contention is that by combining SaaS data, direct inputs from the workforce and numerous other data sources we can an optimisation engine can drive new productivity and economic growth.

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