An economic solution would:

  • Achieve economy wide, real productivity improvement, greater than inflation itself.
      Therefore enabling some real wage growth independent of population or debt growth.
  • Be independent of government policy change risk, implementation and reliability issues.
      This does not mean we are against the government in general, or at all for that matter.
  • Require the smallest possible change for the greatest possible benefit.

And most likely would:

  • Be driven by the people themselves.
  • Start at the point closest to stagnated wages being the wage earner themselves.
  • Achieve productivity improvements of somewhere close to 10% p.a. to enable wage real wage growth of 1-2%.

And to be effective would need to:

  • Need to be financially sustainable without government assistance.
  • Would have low barriers to entry and operation for the vast majority of the Australian economy.
  • Produce real cash benefits above and beyond cash outlays in a consistent and reliable fashion.

Therefore, most likely would also:

  • Use significant technology, to serve effective numbers of the economy in a reliable fashion.
  • Not cost much 'more than a phone plan' per employee to limit initial implementation costs and cash flow issues.
  • Remove issues limiting and surrounding individual employee productivity.
  • Not require more management time in almost any way shape or form.
  • Would turn every employee into an effective agent for productivity improvement.

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